About my MA Graphic Arts Project: “Looking for Taiwan”

My current practice of looking into representations of a country and a culture, and set of concerns that forms its content, can be traced back to a project ‘50 Things About Me’ that I undertook in the first module ‘Introduction to Graphic Arts’. As a Taiwanese national studying in the United Kingdom, reflecting on the cultural difference, or similarities between these two societies, has developed into an area for enquiry, research and graphical expression.

The American graphic designer, Paula Scher, said:

“Be Culturally Literate, because if you don’t have any understanding of the world and the culture you live in, you’re not going to express anything to anybody else.”[1]

Among all these problems occurred in the journey of searching, the question that presented itself strongest to me is, “ How is Taiwan represented in the United Kingdom and how do I explain it to people not from my country?”

My interest developed to looking into various different representations of Taiwan in another nation, which is the United Kingdom. I am interested in looking into the meanings of these representations and presenting the process of discovery itself.

Since the intended audience is English people, the strategy is to associate Taiwan with the daily objects English people are familiar with, but at the same time, to present the novelty, such as choosing on the objects of maps, newspaper, sweet potatoes and the meanings of color in our daily life.

A poster of my start to look into representations of Taiwan and turn the process into a journey of exploring Information Design:

A2 Poster_to with letter to publisher

[1] Johnny Selman, (2010), Available from: [Accessed 03 February 2012]


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