Manifesto_Design Makes me Happy_Final Design

Final Design of my Manifesto booklet:


Manifesto_Design Makes me Happy_Part 3

Project 3_Manifesto

For my “Graphic Design Makes Me Happy” manifesto,  I have re-organized my texts into a more condensed idea. This list of the important sentences makes my manifesto more clear.

1. With few colour blocks, lines and shapes, a graphic design can grow in our mind with roots and leaves.
2. We should strive to defeat complexity
3. Graphic design should bring clarity
4. Simple design promotes a simple way of life and celebrates the ordinaries
5. It is time to pause and look closely at our everyday life
6. To treasure the everydayness, we should keep the life simple and strive to defeat the materialist beast
7. Graphic design should concern the world environmentally and strengthen the idea to treasure what the nature has granted to us
8. We should use the power of graphic design to say the right thing to protect our world from this materialized idea in making all these products to ruin our living environment
9. Graphic design should be designed for good

10. Graphic design is not just to design for commercial purposes, but a form of art to remind people the beauty of everydayness

Manifesto_Design Makes me Happy_Part 2

Project 3_Manifesto

Here is more development of my manifesto. This is a free writing to have more ideas and contents flow out of my head and my heart.

It’s interesting to see these products with graphic designs become trashes on the street. Like the coca cola can I saw it on the pavement outside my house when I walking back home. It attracts my attention immediately even it is a trash on the pavement. Even it is an unwanted, flatten and reshaped object, I can still know it is a coco cola can. The graphic representation of the coco cola has been impressed in our mind even the object is not in the shape of its own. See! How powerful a graphic design to be. In few color blocks, lines and shapes, it can grow in our mind with roots and leaves. This can reflects my reading to the “First Thing First Manifesto in 2000” as graphic design should not merely about the work for the company productions, which the priority for graphic design should not be promoting the unnecessary products. The graphic design should concern the world environmentally and stop promoting the material world. We should keep the life simple and defeats the materialize beast. The companies is marketing and seduce us to purchase more even we do not need these products. The graphic design should express the right thing to protect our world from making all these products to ruin our living environment and to sustain our nature resources. Graphic design should be designed for good and green.
A simple line, shape or few blocks of color can depict the strongest meaning and to influence people. Keep the graphic design simple is the best way to express the opinions socially or politically. Computerized of graphic design and all these speedy updates of technology draw us into a whirl of techniques, which a designer can easily get lost in showing techniques in the image and loss the focus of contents. We should strive to defeat complexity. To keep it simple in graphic design is not easy as it is we all seems to like to keep our life busy and complicated. We should strive to use solid color shapes and simple lines as they can express a profound meaning. Simple graphic designed forms promote a simple way of life. A simple way of graphic design is a way of philosophy in our life, as graphic design is about our everyday life, to be seen everywhere in the streets or our homes. We should all celebrate with this approach to graphic design, so our world can sustain and progress on.
 The texts in blue color are the ones I used in my revision designed for Manifesto booklet. 

Here is the second version of my Manifesto design
The product outcome_front page
The back page design
The front page design

Manifesto_Design Makes Me Happy!_Part 1

Project 3_Manifesto

For this project, we are asked to write our own manifesto about graphic design and also design it into a booklet. This project starts with writing 500 works about “Design make me Happy.” I first started to write  about what kind of design makes me happy, like drawing lines or when I saw some design clever or wonderful. The writing was very general and in the beginning, I did not really dig into my inner heart. All the writing is about general ideas for graphic design. My main idea was “Design is not just about seeing but to think about what we see.” I believe “Good Design let us like the world better.”

                                  Here is my writing
I made a 4 page design to correspond to my manifesto as I believe Good Design makes us to see things differently. So I used the orange color sun to also be seen as a egg inside the page:

HERO and VILENS_Video 1

I made this video for like and dislike project. The video is made with a mix of real filming, stop motions and graphics. I have tried to mix these different elements and it is my first time to do this. Making this video has made me to explore more about After Effect and to tried different functions.
The background ideas are inspired by an Finland’s photographer, Adele Enersen. Her photographs made me think that all the ordinaries things around our lives can be amazing in a way of design. Once you arrange it in a different perspective and put them into a designed composition, you give it a different meaning. So I have used my housing products to arrange them into a background for my scene in the video.

Here is the first video completed for my like and dislike project:

50 Facts about Me_Part III

Development for final version of A1 Poster

During the term, this project “50 Facts about Me” carried on and we are requested to make an A1 poster for the final outcome.

One day I was reading a newspaper from “Waitrose Weekend,” which always accompanies me when I eat dinner, the article about the choices of sandwiches you prefer to eat indicate which person you are, caught my deep interest.

From this article, I had an initial idea to use interesting objects or facts to describe myself to the young audiences. According to the article I am determined as a high flyer as I always prefer to eat tuna and corn sandwich. I am not 100% sure about me being a high flyer. However, I am deeply inspired by the little and mandates things we can discover in our daily life and transfer these ideas into graphic images to present to the audiences.

The Final Design of “All about me” poster:

50 Facts About Me_Part II

To say about oneself can be general and there are too many things that is not easy to select people understand who you are in a short time. So, how to describe everything about me? Which are the important factors and facts I want people to know about me? Through this project, I also start to look into myself and to think what is the best to represent me and how to present myself to the world.
I came out some ideas and one of them is to show people that I have moved a lot and lived in different countries till now as these experiences have influenced the way I think and made the person I am today. I believe this factor made me unique from the crowd and also owns the western and eastern intellects at the same time.
Therefore, I made a drawing about my traveling in map and a video to show the movement.
Here is the drawing of map:
The try out video I made