To Know Where Taiwan is Matters A Lot

This is one of the series of the project “Looking For Taiwan.” I conducted a small survey to ask 12 British living in Bristol in person if they can point out Taiwan on a world map for me. The initial idea behind this project is to know how well Taiwan is known here. From the information gathered, I developed it into a poster to tell the story of it.

The process of collecting information and the design of poster:

The Final Design of Poster to show the finding of this survey

Where is Taiwan?


Newspaper Poster: Looking for Taiwan’s Trace in UK

I am working on a poster of taking an information graphic approach to seek Taiwan’s evidence in UK. I have collected daily newspapers for 30 days and use the information design to see if there is any news about Taiwan. In the process, I then discovered that there are a lot of news about China in daily newspaper. As Taiwan is usually perceived to be part of China in the world status. Therefore, I thought it will be interesting to include both the news about China and Taiwan to compare their percentage of news in UK. This take a long time, some patient  plan and organize the information systematically as I need to look through the daily newspaper everyday to look for the news about Taiwan.

The Draft Sketches:

Draft Draft Draft



Color Coding Taiwan

This is one of the series for my MA project: Looking For Taiwan. 

Selections of colors to explain Taiwan to foreigners. Colors are the language to use here to connect people with what colors represent the objects in Taiwan. The use of colors bridge the understanding of the new image and objects to a broad idea of a country.

Here is the first stage which I picked the colors commonly seen in cities of Taiwan:

  • The color of taxi
  • The color of decoration of buildings
  • The road sign on highway
  • The sign for stores’ names/brands

Discovery From collecting maps of Taiwan in UK

This is a update of my works for Maps. The aim is to organize my discovery of collecting maps of Taiwan from 2 libraries in Bristol, UK with graphic medias: text and photographs taken from the Atlas.

I found in the process of collecting maps from physical Atlas that there is not a lot of information about Taiwan and some of the information is out of my expectations, such as see Taiwan being claimed as 23rd province by China on the Atlas.

Here is the current layout and photos of testing samples in smaller size. I will print these in larger format in B5 and A2 size for poster

Looking for Taiwan – A response to my discovery

I recently wrote to one of the publisher of the Atlas I discovered from the school library for my project as my country Taiwan is being placed across two pages. I am looking for the representation of my country Taiwan from the World Atlas, to see how physically my country is presented on maps in UK. I am interested in documenting these search process. Here is the visual response of my discovery.

The attempts to use handwritten letter but were not used in final outcome:

Here is the visual outcome in poster format:

Note: Thanks very much for my tutor’s encourage to me to write to the publisher and to spend time to revise the letter into proper English for me.


The question, What is Taiwan’s identity in UK?, rose when I began my project to discover the culture of Taiwan. After research on identity of Taiwan, I begin to see there is not much to discover about Taiwan in UK. I want to response to this situation to indicate that this representation of Taiwan is lost in UK. I began with the searching of maps in Atlas to see how Taiwan is presented in the physical map. After a research of maps in 2 libraries in Bristol and looking for news about Taiwan from UK newspaper, I can visually see that Taiwan is so small that there are so little about it. In this process, there are lots of emotions such as lost, confused, emptiness occurred about how Taiwan is presented in UK. So, how to present nothing or littleness? I want to use a photographic documenting method to present it and also create posters to response to the situations about my country in Taiwan. In this process, I begin to realize that the documentations can reveal the meaning itself and the meaning can be so true and honest, comparing to making design on it. I should let these information to lead its way to go on and to search the right method to present its meaning. Sometimes, letting lose of the control of how the project should carry on is important and then use the right control on letting the images to speak the meaning to the audiences.

Here is the project process draft outline:

Looking For Taiwan Poster : Collections of maps

For this week, as the previous posters were too complicating in compositions and I had tried too hard to address too many messages once in one poster, I have then redesigned the “Collections” in a poster formate. I have done research on Bauhaus historical posters and tried to seek balance in the composition. I tried to use geometric form to work with the maps of Taiwan taken from the Atlas. The outcome is fine in terms of visual balance but the posters can not convey the message about my discovery of the identity of Taiwan in UK.

Here is the inspirations of how I compose the posters, which I took the idea of the work, “the color wheel used in Gertrud Grunow,” by Alfred Arndt. The color wheel is made from the process of searching the relationship between body movements of dancing and color. The background about this is an investigation of recording experiences of bodying moving and reflect on different colors.

I took the composition and tried to arrange the posters in this color wheel. Also, I wanted to extended it to a series of 10 posters as “COLLECTIONS.” However, the outcome fails to address the message of looking for the identity. They are overly designed and only been seen simply collections of maps, as the posters are unable to say anything significant. Therefore, I will now need to put away of this idea and move on to explore more.

Here is the process of this work:

IMG_1200 IMG_1202

Below is the works developed so far: