Handwritten Typography Design

I am looking into handwritten typography lately. Here is a nice website of hand draw types, which turn the types into art themselves.

Here is the image attracted my attention first:

Left: Stanno tutti Bene – Work in progress by Luca Barcellona.

Right: Lettering Poster by Mark Fromberg and Claudia Silbermann

“Make More” – by Dylan Haigh.

Part of the “365 Days of Tumblr” project by Aaron Christopher Judd

This is the project done by Aaron Christopher Judd. Its about posting a note everyday for one year. He combines beautiful photography with typography to covey insights from everyday. Simple but strong, direct message.

Here is the link of his project “365 Days of Tumblr”

All above sources from Typeeverything.com and they have more great works of hand drawn typography designs.


Lovely Book Design

I am looking into simple form editorial design, to focus on the contents itself. Simple but delicate in the design of every details at the same time.

Here is an experimental typographic book design from the design studio, Feedgeeks.