Commercial Work – 2014 Calendar Design

Although it already past half of year 2014, I still want to share this print work for my friend. This is my first time to design a stand up calendar and the work is for a Christian Church. So, there are certain character and ideas the church want to present, which means that I can not just design whatever I want. The calendar needs to present the father, Martin Luther, for Christian and also needs to be lovable, which can not be serious or dull. Moreover, the print budget also needs to be low. It took about two months to finally see the real prints. This work was challenged to me but I really learn a lot when discussing the case with the client and also in the printing process.

Here are some pictures for process and the final outcome:


Commercial Work – Christmas Card

This is a commissioned work done for a Christian Church in Taiwan. This is my first time to try digital collage and illustrations for a design. The outcome is quite ok. This is also my first time to have a designed work to have a 1,000 prints! It was quite exciting to see the design in real prints in so many copies although I was still not quite satisfied with the outcome.

Working Process:

work process

Christmas Card_Page 1 Christmas Card_Page_2

Christmas Card_Page_3


Final Print Final Print

Illustration Practice_City Scene

I just took an online illustration class to explore my creativity and expand my ability. In the class, the finish work is a short illustration story. One of the assignments is to choose a scene we have already created and then use three different styles to create the page again. I am currently working on to make my story more completed.

Here are the three different style for one scene I created:

A. Black and White

City Scene_B&W001

B. 2 Colors

City Scene_2C003

C. Abstract (this is not successful but I enjoy trying it)

City Scene_abstract004

Visual Journal

I just start with visual journal recently. I realized that if I start to watch carefully, anything can be inspirations for illustrations. This is a good way to keep record on what I found interesting that day or a strong image in my mind on a specific day.

1. I ran into a misty mountain last Sunday


2. The pattern of a dirty filter of my vacuum

Pattern 1

3. The pattern of a small fan in my flat


Spring is Here

Its been a month I have been back to my home country, Taiwan.  There are seldom dramatic changes between seasons in Taiwan, but the weather has been cooler than the usual this year, which might be caused by the global warming. Due to this effect, its my first time to notice that there are many trees starting to grow  new leaves, which are very rare to see in Taiwan.

To celebrate Spring is really happening and inspired by the food artist, I made a simple illustration from the vegetable and the fruit I had this evening. Its the first try out. I am not fully satisfied with the color.

but, Its just for fun!

Spring Tree

A New Hope?

This weekend I saw a complete different world in my home country. I am a city girl grew up in the capital city of Taiwan and had little experiences of seeing the indigenous people’s life in the mountain. With my family, we went to a new constructed community for Rukai tribe. They have lived in the high mountains in southern Taiwan for a long time. In year 2009, Typhoon Morakot damaged their community severely and the area where they lived become a dangerous place for them to live as many of areas are covered with mud slide. Their houses would collapsed at any time.

Our government regulated the tribe to move to a lower part of area from their original location and help them to construct a new community. The new community became a tourist place as many of city people like me would go to see their new builded community which is so different from their old ones.

The new houses look nice and comfortable in the mountain area. However, the new community dose not fit with their traditional life in the mountain. Many of Rukai people would travel to the old locations for farming and then go back to their new house at night time. Some even choose to stay at their old places.

The new community changed the way of their living for some Rukai people, especially for the younger generation. The new places look like giving them a prosperous future. The old community is abandoned. I started to wonder if all these are really promising a good future when you abandon all the old things you used to have or it is just that we all need to accept changes.

The new house

The newly buit house in the new community. This is the only one painted in red

Below is a view of the new community:

New Community


The abandoned old house

The above is the old abandoned house

Here are photos of the old community:

Hand Screen Printed Calendar Completed!

I have not updated my blog for a long time as I was traveling around Europe for about 20 days.

So no more delay and laziness. Here is the update of the look for the final product of my first calendar.

This is a collaborative project with my classmate. We have divided our illustrations into two categories.  I am responsible for the odd months and my classmate is responsible for the even months.

It took a lot of time to put all the prints together into one calendar and I have 7 more calendars to go!

Start to work

July_Taiwan Traditional building A view of Bristol UK Postman in Taiwan

Calendar for Chinese New Year

I am recently working on a personal project. It is a collaborative project with my colleague from MA Graphic Art class. We are both from Taiwan and therefore we decided to make some things for our friends and family for Chinese New Year while we are far away from home. This will be a hand-screen printed calendar starting from March 2013 to Feb 2014.

The calendar layout design is in A5 size and all hand drawings from parts of our previous MA project. It is about a Taiwanese’s visual diary in UK and the life another Taiwanese’s girl missing about Taiwan when she studies in UK.

We named it as “When Taiwan meets UK”

Each of us are responsible for 6 months and we completed the cover together. Each month of the calendar can also be used as a post card after the month is finished.

We are cutting so many papers and doing so many prints that made our hands ache, but feel so accomplished when the print is done.

Here are the progress so far:


Cutting out the cards after the first image of postcard on the back is done.



The background color of the cover: we put the two colors on screen to print to create randomly color background.


The First Outcome of the Prints: the month of May, the Cover and the Final page