To Know Where Taiwan is Matters A Lot

This is one of the series of the project “Looking For Taiwan.” I conducted a small survey to ask 12 British living in Bristol in person if they can point out Taiwan on a world map for me. The initial idea behind this project is to know how well Taiwan is known here. From the information gathered, I developed it into a poster to tell the story of it.

The process of collecting information and the design of poster:

The Final Design of Poster to show the finding of this survey

Where is Taiwan?

Newspaper Poster: Looking for Taiwan’s Trace in UK

I am working on a poster of taking an information graphic approach to seek Taiwan’s evidence in UK. I have collected daily newspapers for 30 days and use the information design to see if there is any news about Taiwan. In the process, I then discovered that there are a lot of news about China in daily newspaper. As Taiwan is usually perceived to be part of China in the world status. Therefore, I thought it will be interesting to include both the news about China and Taiwan to compare their percentage of news in UK. This take a long time, some patient  plan and organize the information systematically as I need to look through the daily newspaper everyday to look for the news about Taiwan.

The Draft Sketches:

Draft Draft Draft



Photography Artist: Hisaji Hara vs Balthus

The series of photography works called  “A Photographic Portrayal of the Paintings of Balthus” by Hisaji Hara caught my eyes. This Japanese photographer recreate the enigmatic Polish-French artist, Balthus’s paintings. His photography works create a world between reality and dreaming atmosphere, which allow the audience to stay within this still, timeless Japanese setting and escape from the reality.

Regarding his technique, I love the softness in his light, the blurriness and the black, white tone. Hara usually use old-fasion method such as using multiple exposures and hand made smoke box to put on his camera.


Left: A study of the Katia Reading, 2009 © Hisaji Haracourtesy of the Michael Hoppen Gallery

Right: Katia Reading, 1974 by Balthus


Left: A Study of the Because Cathy taught him what she learnt, 2010 © Hisaji Hara, courtesy of the Michael Hoppen Gallery

Right: Children, 1973 by Balthus


A study of The Room , 2009 © Hisaji Hara, courtesy of the Michael Hoppen Gallery


A study of The Salon , 2009 © Hisaji Hara, courtesy of the Michael Hoppen Gallery


A study of the Thérèse , 2010 © Hisaji Hara, courtesy of the Michael Hoppen Gallery

Review from the Guardian regarding Hisaji Hara’s works: The Guardian

Conceptual Photographer- Keith Arnatt

The conceptual photography focus on the content itself, to present the subject in a different and to record the daily life around us.

‘The Tears of Things’ (Objects from a Rubbish Tip), as he raised the rubbish’s status “by presenting them on a plinth as sculpture objects.” (from the book “I’m a real photographer.”, p.68)

The last picture is his work of “notes that his wife Jo left for him – exploring the conventions of the medium with a distinct edge and humor”

Color Coding Taiwan

This is one of the series for my MA project: Looking For Taiwan. 

Selections of colors to explain Taiwan to foreigners. Colors are the language to use here to connect people with what colors represent the objects in Taiwan. The use of colors bridge the understanding of the new image and objects to a broad idea of a country.

Here is the first stage which I picked the colors commonly seen in cities of Taiwan:

  • The color of taxi
  • The color of decoration of buildings
  • The road sign on highway
  • The sign for stores’ names/brands